A Weekend in Denver

This year is sort of a “I’m-turning-so-old-for-the-love-of-god-someone-help-me-get-my-life-together” type of year. I know I’m being dramatic, but the quarter life crisis is a real thing. So this year for my birthday, I really didn’t want to have a huge celebration and if I had it my way, I’d want to spend my big home alone, crawled up in bed. But, my love of travel (and my boyfriend) got the best of me and I decided to spend my big 2-8 in Colorado.

How did I choose Colorado? I literally looked on a map and pointed my finger. I’ve been to this beautiful state once before during the summertime, and I remembered being blown away by the rocky mountains.




The first day we went dog sledding! The closest place to do this is in Breckenridge at Good Times Adventures, which is only an hour and a half drive from Denver. The drive itself is lovely – make sure you have all-wheel drive during the winter time, you’ll need it.




The second day, we decided to drive up to the Rocky Mountains. Most of the trail heads are closed this time of year, but Bear Lake is still open. We were extremely unprepared and went in normal every day clothes when everyone else was in snow gear. We made it to bear lake (which was 300 feet from the entrance), before we turned back. Sam Edelman boots don’t do well in the snow.


Bear Lake


There are plenty of restaurants to eat in the mile-high city. Some of our favorites were – Biker Jim’s, Snooze, and Mizu Izakaya.

Biker Jim’s – known for it’s strange hot dog meats. Reindeer, elk, boar and even rattlesnake if that floats your boat. We tried the first 3, and reindeer came out the winner. We ate here twice, we liked it that much.

Snooze – probably the best breakfast/brunch diner of all time. Their pancakes are to die for. It was also located inside the Union Station terminal.

Mizu Izakaya – I didn’t expect Denver to have amazing asian food. (They definitely do not have great boba, that’s for sure). But Mizu was a nice surprise, fresh fish and reasonable prices. I don’t have any pictures – check yelp.

Spending a few days in this state wasn’t a bad way to ring in 28 years of age. I highly recommend Colorado for a weekend trip. If you’re looking to see some really amazing scenery, there’s never a bad time to go.

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